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Crafting Snapchat Brand Spotlights with Scissor Films - Zenni, Disney, Monster Energy, and American Eagle

I collaborated with Scissor Films to create Snapchat brand spotlights for some of the most iconic names in the industry – Zenni, Disney, Monster Energy, and American Eagle.

The goal of the project was to blend innovation with storytelling to produce visually stunning content tailored for Snapchat's dynamic audience. From brainstorming sessions to meticulous planning, every moment was filled with excitement and dedication in order to showcase Zenni's trendy eyewear, Disney's magical universe, Monster Energy's adrenaline-pumping lifestyle, and American Eagle's fashion-forward ethos in bite-sized, attention-grabbing videos. Each spotlight captures the essence of these brands while resonating with the Snapchat community's unique tastes and preferences.

With Scissor Films' expertise and my passion for pushing creative boundaries, we delivered brand experiences that left a lasting impression. From concept to execution, every detail was thoughtfully crafted to captivate viewers and inspire engagement.


Crafting Virtual Worlds with Zero Density's Reality Engine

As a part of the Zero Density team, I was tasked with keying green screens, constructing immersive environments, and facilitating seamless integration with various renowned companies. From transforming ordinary studio setups into fantastical realms to enhancing broadcast productions with unparalleled visual effects, every project was an adventure filled with creativity and innovation.


Working alongside esteemed partners such as Rogers, CBS San Francisco, Univision, and Alhurra, I had the privilege of contributing to a diverse array of projects spanning different genres and industries. Whether it was enhancing live broadcasts with dynamic virtual sets or empowering content creators with limitless storytelling possibilities, Zero Density's Reality Engine proved to be an indispensable tool in bringing imagination to life.

Crafting Unreal Worlds for Director Cole Bennett's "Out the Way" Music Video

I collaborated with Director Cole Bennett and Scissor Films to bring the mesmerizing universe of "Out the Way" to life using Unreal Engine by crafting 3D assets that seamlessly integrated into the narrative of Yeet's latest music video.

From inception to execution, every aspect of the project was meticulously curated to captivate viewers and push the boundaries of what was possible in music video production.

Experience the magic of collaboration as Cole Bennett's visionary direction merged seamlessly with Unreal Engine's cutting-edge technology, all under the expert guidance of Scissor Films. Together, we wove a tapestry of vibrant visuals and dynamic storytelling, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the world of "Out the Way" like never before.

Virtual Production Experience


Camera Tracking

Experienced setting up and installing Stype, MoSys camera tracking systems. 


Unreal Engine

Experienced turning 3D models into game levels ideally suited for Virtual Production

Motion Capture

An expert in setting up motion capture systems, calibrating them, and recording  data.

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